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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lions Bay Art Gallery - Art Show Sept. 26, 2008

The evening of September 26 at Lions Bay Art Gallery was a fun mix of people celebrating 20 years of Michael and Alice Tickner being in Lions Bay, and me, the new artist in their gallery.

Alice displayed my large tree painting "The Friendly Giants [Look up... Way up]" at the entry.
The town is not large, but Alice knows how to draw a crowd! I'm disappointed that I don't have a photo of Tony, Val's husband (photo of Val below), who filled everyone's glass with wine whenever they were empty.

My paintings can be seen on the wall in the window above the bench.

Here we are: Val (Gallery Assistant), Alice, Michael and me, enjoying the evening in the gallery that resides up the hill with an incredible view of Howe Sound.

Michael and Alice Tickner surrounded by Michael's vibrant work.
He is currently working on a painting of "The Squamish Chief" which was on display as a "work in progress"that evening. It's always so interesting to see how another artist works and the method he uses.

My painting below, "Autumn Sway" 18"x24"), is a new type of tree scene for me which I hope to pursue. It was bought the next morning by a man who saw it the night before and couldn't get it out of his mind! Alice did her "magic" and sold over 10 of my paintings, along with Michael's as well.

Below is a picture of Alice and I close to the end of the evening... my feet were just KILLING me, so I had to take of my boots and walk around in comfort!

Michael and I with his paintings.

Just a couple of crowd shots... Richard Tickner (their son on far right) is also an artist and was there with his fiance, Kate, as well... lots of fun to meet them as well.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I love your new 'Tree' painting! So glad to hear the show went well. I was hoping I could make that one, but my mom and sis were both busy. Keep me posted with your upcoming shows, I'll get to one yet! Glad to hear your art is selling out so quickly......even if it means more work for you :)