The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Painting Two Loves

I like to switch back and forth from painting my admiration of the free flowing trees of British Columbia and my fascination and love of architecture:  Italian and of beautiful Vancouver, BC.

I finished a couple of new paintings of Italy after returning from my last trip there in September.  They are both from the Cinque Terre region... I love painting these because the scenes put me right back there when I'm working on them... >> sigh <<

Riomaggiore Harbour                    36x24 

Italian Afternoon in Vernazza                           24"x24"

I am continuing to work on new pieces for my Vancouver City Series of paintings this week.  If you have any favourite places, views of or buildings in Vancouver that you'd like to see painted, I love to know about them.

New Arbutus Tree Paintings

Better When We're Together   24x36

Dance Like No One's Watching     24x36

We've Got the Whole World (in Our Hands)  48x18

With Arms Wide Open 30x24

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In with the New and Out with the Old

In keeping with the West Coast theme, I've decided to compliment the Tree Series I am still working on, with a Vancouver City series.  These are the first two pieces, more to come!

I introduce to you, The New:

"We Simply Have It All"   24" x 36"   
[View of English Bay, Downtown Vancouver from Point Grey Road, Kitsilano Beach]

"Friendly Neighbours"  36" x 36" 
[view from 29th Floor, Sheraton Wall Centre, Burrard Street]
As I was working, I had a story going on in my head for this painting:  I was imagining the middle building to be a woman, the two outside buildings were men who were chatting her up at sunset... 


And Out with the Old, being, of course, the aftermath from focused creativity and the constant decision making involved.

So, yep... out with the Old to get ready to begin more New!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"The Hands of an Artist"


"The Hands of an Artist" (or "How to Attract a Man in 5 Minutes or Less")

My hands.  Feminine they're not, they're worker hands.

I'm not necessarily self conscious of them in public, but I do make an effort not to draw attention to them either.  I love rings - have some really nice hand made ones - don't wear 'em very often though.

I've been working non-stop for the last two weeks preparing for an exhibition in downtown Vancouver with Lions Bay Art Gallery:  constructing panels, working with plaster, soaking rags, cleaning dusty floors, carving, painting, mixing various chemicals and materials, scraping and so on (and on...) but these digits dig it!

When one of my friends or family say that I've got "the hands of an artist", I know it's coming from a good place... they love me :) 

When someone else says it, I'm not exactly sure how to interpret it...  

It doesn't really matter anyway... I actually clean up pretty good.

(My dear mom bought me a manicure gift certificate - I guess she knew exactly what I'll be needing!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chrissandra's Art: Invitation to Vancouver Art Show on Now

Chrissandra's Art: Invitation to Vancouver Art Show on Now:

WHERE: Guiness Tower at 1035 West Pender, Oceanic Plaza
on the PENDER STREET side.

WHEN: from May 17th to June 4th, Mondays to Fridays
9am to 6pm.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Invitation to Vancouver Art Show on Now

My work is being exhibited with the
downtown Vancouver. 

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams                            36x36

WHERE:  Guiness Tower at 1035 West Pender St, Oceanic Plaza 
on the PENDER STREET side.

WHEN:  from May 17th to June 4th, Mondays to Fridays 
9am to 6pm.

Building a Mystery                                                         20x24

Tell a friend.  Bring a friend.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're All Allowed a Little Indulgence Once in a While

This is my companion and loyal friend, Buster.  

Avid Reader

Self-Taught Artist

Accomplished Pianist


[Brief Digression Session]

How I acquired Buster:

I used to live on Vancouver Island and had two great neighbours named Bryn and Kara. After about 4-5 years, I had to move from the Island and also give up my buddy Blue.  


The girls knew how much my heart was breaking over this, so they brought joy to me in the form of Buster... low maintenance and very cuddly.

[Digression Concluded]


Buster's routine is incredibly simple - if he's not accompanying me in my artistic endeavours, he just stays quiet and naps.

His idea of "tying one on" might consist of such innocuous activities such as over indulging in store-bought treats. 

So anyway...

This last Friday Buster decided to have his buddy Axton over to watch the game.

He's a great pooch:  affectionate, full of [real] life, positive attitude (good parenting, I'm sure).   He's the alpha pooch and encourages Buster not to be so stuffy.

Fashionable Axton

But don't be fooled simply by his charm and good looks. This dog has depth.  




During the evening I was busy attending to my own activities and left the two of them to do their own thing.

Being the night owl that I am, I got busy doing people stuff and kind of forgot about them for a while. 
To my astonishment...

I walked in on some evening exploits that obviously got a little out of hand! 

Light-weight Buster, crashed out early by the fire

Axton taking the party outside until the wee hours.

Axton apologized profusely with snorts and wet kisses.

while Buster slept it off most of the afternoon.

I suppose there's a first time for everything and we're all allowed a little safe indulgence from time to time - the hard part is paying for it later.

Poor pups.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Dog Fix

Today at Mill Lake 

This morning as I was catching up with some emailing, I sent a quick note to my friend Crystal to see how she was doing and that I was going to go for around Mill Lake today.  She was at work, but promptly emailed me back. 

I imagined that if she was speaking to me face to face, I would see the look of hopeful anticipation on her face and a wee bit of a plea in her voice as I read:  "Oh I wish you could take Dax on your walk!!!  When are you going?".  

Big smile on my face now!  I quickly finished my coffee and met Crystal at her place as she goes home for lunch.

From Videos
(click on picture or link to see video, THEN CLICK "BACK" to get back to blog)

From Videos

(click on picture or link to see video, THEN CLICK "BACK" to get back to blog)

So, this afternoon I had the serendipitous and distinct privilege of taking my buddy Dax for walk.  Thanks Crystal!

Dax is looking pooped!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lost and Rediscovered

I ripped this picture out of a magazine YEARS ago, and just rediscovered it in one of those piles of stuff I seem to hang on to.

It made me smile as it did about 20 years ago when I first saw it...

... just feels like me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Additions to Tree Series

Whew!  Finally finished the following bunch and continuing to work on more for the upcoming show in Vancouver.  There will be some that take on more of a "landscapey" feel instead of just a close up of the trees.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 36x36

Another very similar painting, but much smaller:

        Allow Your Imagination to take its Journey 16x16

      Reaching for the Highest Potential  36x18

        Summer Afternoon Stretch 24x12

The Wild, Wild West 24x12

Forest Sentinels at Dusk 18x24

Detail: Forest Sentinels at Dusk 18x24

Three in Harmony  24x18

Challenge the Day 12x12

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW Painting NEW Blog, NEW Promise for New Year!

Well... for the last couple of weeks I've had a good nudge from readers to "get on it" and write a NEW blog... so here's just a quick update.

I hereby raise my right hand and swear a PROMISE to be more consistent with my writing!

Christmas was a busy painting time for me - finishing up some commissions for clients and gifts for their loved ones.  Below is a picture of a recent painting of my favourite place:

Balcony View of Mediterranean Sea  (Vernazza, Italy)        36" x 48"

Right now I am working on another series of tree paintings for an Art Exhibition during the 2010 Olympics hosted here in Vancouver.

Both Lions Bay Art Gallery and Jenkins Showler Gallery will have new work of mine very soon, so stay tuned!

I'll be posting an invitation to the show which you are welcome to share with anyone you know.  I will also post some preview photos of the pieces for you to see and pass on to your friends and family when they are completed.

Thanks for your patience!