The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In with the New and Out with the Old

In keeping with the West Coast theme, I've decided to compliment the Tree Series I am still working on, with a Vancouver City series.  These are the first two pieces, more to come!

I introduce to you, The New:

"We Simply Have It All"   24" x 36"   
[View of English Bay, Downtown Vancouver from Point Grey Road, Kitsilano Beach]

"Friendly Neighbours"  36" x 36" 
[view from 29th Floor, Sheraton Wall Centre, Burrard Street]
As I was working, I had a story going on in my head for this painting:  I was imagining the middle building to be a woman, the two outside buildings were men who were chatting her up at sunset... 


And Out with the Old, being, of course, the aftermath from focused creativity and the constant decision making involved.

So, yep... out with the Old to get ready to begin more New!


Anonymous said...

Art is awesome , work place kinda scary but i bet you know where everything is. Cool my kinda place


Thanks for your comment... Art IS awesome :)

Earthula said...

yogurt containers, brushes, paint blob mixes... inspiring!

And it is great to clear it all up until it reforms into another geometry of opportunity to clear it all up.

I love the chatting up at sunset idea.

great post!


Thanks Earthula... looks like you're familiar with the glorious catastrophe that slowly inhabits the studio!

Loupe said...

I love you style. I like the kind of cartoon aspect of it. Awesome work.


Thanks Loupe !

Seedplanter Designs said...

I've always like peeking into the studio of an artist. I'm a photographer, so the great outdoors is my studio. I envy your paint-splattered tables, those rows of brushes soaking, and the globs of paints in every shade and hue--evidence that something big has happened.

Lucky girl!