The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Monday, February 1, 2010

Additions to Tree Series

Whew!  Finally finished the following bunch and continuing to work on more for the upcoming show in Vancouver.  There will be some that take on more of a "landscapey" feel instead of just a close up of the trees.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 36x36

Another very similar painting, but much smaller:

        Allow Your Imagination to take its Journey 16x16

      Reaching for the Highest Potential  36x18

        Summer Afternoon Stretch 24x12

The Wild, Wild West 24x12

Forest Sentinels at Dusk 18x24

Detail: Forest Sentinels at Dusk 18x24

Three in Harmony  24x18

Challenge the Day 12x12


Earthula said...

Fantastic! And getting a good photo with texture is not so easy. You have done a wonder with that.


Anonymous said...

Crissandra these are really lovely! I wish I could see your show, really! They make me just wan to reach out and touch them!

Kate Bausch said...

Great tree paintings! I wanna touch them.... or jump into them! They are so endlessly fascinating. Your trees have wonderful personality! I am currently painting a tree series. I just started blogging so feel free to take a look if you have a chance.


Thanks Kate! And I will take a look!

Kim said...

Wonderful work, Chrissandra! I love the textures a lot as well as the compositions and color! This will be a wonderful show!