The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW Painting NEW Blog, NEW Promise for New Year!

Well... for the last couple of weeks I've had a good nudge from readers to "get on it" and write a NEW blog... so here's just a quick update.

I hereby raise my right hand and swear a PROMISE to be more consistent with my writing!

Christmas was a busy painting time for me - finishing up some commissions for clients and gifts for their loved ones.  Below is a picture of a recent painting of my favourite place:

Balcony View of Mediterranean Sea  (Vernazza, Italy)        36" x 48"

Right now I am working on another series of tree paintings for an Art Exhibition during the 2010 Olympics hosted here in Vancouver.

Both Lions Bay Art Gallery and Jenkins Showler Gallery will have new work of mine very soon, so stay tuned!

I'll be posting an invitation to the show which you are welcome to share with anyone you know.  I will also post some preview photos of the pieces for you to see and pass on to your friends and family when they are completed.

Thanks for your patience!


Earthula said...

Congratulations on the gallery shows!! I look forward to the invitation to send around.

I love the Italian view.


Thanks Earthula!