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Sunday, May 9, 2010

We're All Allowed a Little Indulgence Once in a While

This is my companion and loyal friend, Buster.  

Avid Reader

Self-Taught Artist

Accomplished Pianist


[Brief Digression Session]

How I acquired Buster:

I used to live on Vancouver Island and had two great neighbours named Bryn and Kara. After about 4-5 years, I had to move from the Island and also give up my buddy Blue.  


The girls knew how much my heart was breaking over this, so they brought joy to me in the form of Buster... low maintenance and very cuddly.

[Digression Concluded]


Buster's routine is incredibly simple - if he's not accompanying me in my artistic endeavours, he just stays quiet and naps.

His idea of "tying one on" might consist of such innocuous activities such as over indulging in store-bought treats. 

So anyway...

This last Friday Buster decided to have his buddy Axton over to watch the game.

He's a great pooch:  affectionate, full of [real] life, positive attitude (good parenting, I'm sure).   He's the alpha pooch and encourages Buster not to be so stuffy.

Fashionable Axton

But don't be fooled simply by his charm and good looks. This dog has depth.  




During the evening I was busy attending to my own activities and left the two of them to do their own thing.

Being the night owl that I am, I got busy doing people stuff and kind of forgot about them for a while. 
To my astonishment...

I walked in on some evening exploits that obviously got a little out of hand! 

Light-weight Buster, crashed out early by the fire

Axton taking the party outside until the wee hours.

Axton apologized profusely with snorts and wet kisses.

while Buster slept it off most of the afternoon.

I suppose there's a first time for everything and we're all allowed a little safe indulgence from time to time - the hard part is paying for it later.

Poor pups.

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Kim said...

Ha Ha Ha Chrissandra! This is a funny post. Sometimes pups can really get crazy! I hope you were having fun, too!