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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Amalfi Fish Shop - A Mini Adventure

Well, for those of you who know me, I love fishing and all things about the sea. So, this blog is for all of you who enjoy similar things, or just simply looking at photos!

Sun coming up in Amalfi streets.

On the way to the fish market store from Amalfi. Yes, this is a 2-way street... the MAIN street.

Luigi: quiet, thinking, smoking - notice the missing mirror, most are ripped off in traffic or driving too close to rocks to avoid traffic, OR just driving too darn crazy! [Me: quiet also, foto and foto and foto taking...]

Part of the main 'drag'.

Short wee video clip... camera battery SOooo close to dying and I am SOooo not done yet!

Arrived at shop... the guys, checkin' out today's catch.

Deep plates of local fish.

Shellfish tubs.

They can't ALL be called Alice... hehe

"i Dentici"... yep, they got teeth.

Sword fish. Mmmmm.

Totani (Squid)... these are little guys - you should see the big ones!

Got lots of guts...

Looking out from the fish shop - lots of lovely Amalfi lemon trees! To the left (not in photo) is the Mediterranean Sea.

Brisk 2 sec espresso stop, then back on the windy road... I'm standing by front door, cafe is SUPER narrow, perched on the cliff...

Just outside cafe, hop in car and head to the left, back to the Fiord restaurant.

Espresso with a side of water - I'm much slower at drinking it than the Italians!

Crossroad Signs

Quickly off again back to restaurant in the Fiord... an even shorter wee clip of winding Amalfi road - camera battery finally dead... :(

...but I arrived safe and sound from fun little adventure!


Trevor said...

Hey Chris,

Looks like you are having lots of fun. Keep up the virtual tour!

Take care,



Thanks for all your encouragements Trevor! Sent you & Sherisse some other pics too! xo to you both... AND of course all my sweet M&Ms!!!!

Aretha said...

Hey Chris! I love that you are sharing your adventure with us. It looks AMAZING! What a fun trip. Look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Unknown said...

Hey Chris

May have passed you on the Amalfi road -- just been and now in Rome. We can compare notes over a glass of vino


hey Bren... would LOVE to! call me when you're back and settled!