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Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sister Cracks Me Up

My sister and I exist in extreme polar lives... She as wife, at home with husband and 5 kids, me as artist, roaming about the planet, child-free.

I sent her the following article in jest:

Actual 1955 Good Housekeeping article.

to which she responded in semi-jest (lol):


What is so funny about this? I do this every day for my sweet endearing darling. When he comes home I am so gay (third bullet point) that he just feels gay himself. I am just quiet and let him tell me all about his travels and exquisite 5 star restaurant gourmet dishes while I have been happily feeding 5 children frozen dinners and gaily, continually tidying the house so that I can make a nice trail to walk through.

I minimize all noise by taping my children’s mouths shut as I comb through their knotted hair and wash their faces before he arrives. Oh, but the bliss continues as I cater to him by propping up his favourite pillow behind his tired, weary head and offer to take off his shoes from a long trip. I smile as I get a cold beer from the fridge for him.

Lastly, I make sure I have put deodorant on and touch up my hair and make-up from a long day of children pulling, screaming, and joyful demands that never cease. My husband looks to me to satisfy every personal need and I am there to provide it. I am woman, joyful friend, cook, and confidant.

I do not have any needs and have been programmed by society to be a robot with no emotions or feelings. It is so wonderful and I love life as I am cheerfully wound up for a new glorious day that awaits!


And so another day begins for us both, each on our different planets...
(Love ya 'Cheez'! xo)


Andrea and Kim said...

Chrissandra, I am a combination of you and your sister! An artist, I also wander the globe (although with a corporate globetrotting husband) and I have 2 children who are now adults (although moving every few years sure made it feel as though I had double the number)! So your sister's sense of humor hit home with me!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, you footloose artist! Kim

I post here with my google account because blogger doesn't really like it when I don't use it! my blog address is: http://kimrodefferfunk.com/blog


Well Kim, then I'd say you have a nice balance! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I remember finding this and using this for an English lesson, unfortunately it didn't spark the debate I was hoping for..the older Italian women considered some of these points... normal! the younger ones were a bit more indignant :)


That's funny - I can totally image that reaction from the Italian women!