The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out and About with Art

On Wednesday, I'm going on a quick jaunt to Kirkland (just outside of Seattle) to visit Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery. It's the gallery that I show at and I just love meeting up with all the artists. Gunnar is very generous and also puts on a good show that everyone enjoys. Great networking and socializing.

I love the road trip down there and being close to the water again. I'm going early on Wednesday morning... after my Valley Business Networking group meeting at 6:45am (we're reading a GREAT book right now: "Eat That Frog") and after teaching piano to my summer student (she's such a young, confident girl!), then I'm hittin' the road down south with sketch book, pencil and watercolours in the back seat.

I'll take lots of photos.

Next art trip: back to Whistler this weekend where my artist friend, Lori, and I are going to "set up shop" somewhere on the grass or something, paint and display our paintings. I can't wait to go and enjoy the mountains again.

I'll take lots of business cards and promotional materials - looking forward to meeting lots of people and getting to work outdoors, "plein air" painting...

Until then... happy art adventures once again!

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