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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elemental Links

I can't remember exactly what day it was, but I know it was a Sunday because that's when my neighbor, Helen, has a day off. I ran into her downstairs at the front door of our building as I was leaving to enjoy a walk around Mill Lake in the early autumn afternoon sun .

We did our regular "chit chat" kind of thing, told her where I was going, what I was planning on doing... then headed out on foot with sketch book and pencil in backpack - looking forward to purchasing a double, non-fat latte to accompany me on my journey...

After my coffee and I joined forces, we walked a short a short distance and arrived at Mill Lake, found an empty picnic table to settle down on, and began to share the moment. I started to create some sketches of a few nearby scenes - I am now recalling the typical autumn smells of that day and can even sense the fresh, cool tip of my nose. As I am sipping and sketching, I hear the familiar voice of Helen... apparently she also decided to take advantage of this glorious day to explore her artistic interest: photography. I am always impressed with her compositions and creativity.

Helen doesn't have a website [yet!], but I am confident that she can and will do well with her photography - she definitely has enough dynamic images to compile a magnificent body of work to share with her adoring public!

With permission, this blog is filled with her photos...

I am continually intrigued with the integration of the elements of the arts (music, poetry, photography, painting, etc): composition, dynamics, texture, tone color, dynamics, primary triads (3) and primary colours (3), the musician's crescendo resembling the photographer's grey scale, rhythm, movement, contrast, unity, variety... the list and discovery of their harmony continues... I love it!

These united fundamentals (I believe they are apparent in all humans in some form) surface in one way or another to ignite our senses in a describable yet also at times, in an INdescribable way... probably it's just because we innately know what we like or don't like - what works or doesn't work for us without necessarily putting anything into words.

Thanks for sharing that autumn moment with me Helen!

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