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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Appreciation during Tough Times

I don't have kids and I don't know anyone who has had a sick child, therefore, I never realized how special a Children's Hospital is...

Last week my mom and I flew to Alberta to visit my sister and her family. My sister's newest family addition, only a few days old, contracted meningitis - scary surprise for everyone. So not only were my mom and I going to see the new baby, we were going to see them in the hospital and spend a lot of time there as well...

All the soap dispensers are the decorated with the "Soapy Soap" guy - makes you wanna wash your hands often because he's so cute! Then don't forget to use the hand sanitizer before you hold the baby...

I don't think anyone has ever taken a picture of me holding a baby, but here it is! What a sweetie - she's so small, light and CUTE!

The hospital had great places to make families feel comfortable and "at home" as could be.

The girls made some cards and stockings for mom in the hospital's art room and the crafts were displayed in her room. They really miss her!

We hadn't celebrated Christmas together yet, so we had it at the hospital as sis and baby can't leave until the treatment is finished.

My brother-in-law ordered a couple of yummy pizzas for our Christmas in the Family Room. So my sis and baby walked, strolled and rolled (all "connected") down here to be with everyone.

This was also our "pre-game" dinner before we went up to the Hospital Theatre room to watch the Flames game on the big screen...

In case you didn't notice, they are avid Flames fans! In fact, my nephew knew all the trivia question answers during the commercial breaks.

The hospital had prizes for correct answers and he won a little stuffed Moose for all of his sisters... even the baby! What a sweetie!

Great bunch of kids... love 'em tons!

There's a lot of work with a family this size... I'm amazed at how strong and resiliant my sister and her husband are. Wow!

The older brother and sister have been incredible by helping dad to keep the household going while mom is finishing her 21 days in hospital with baby.

Latest news is that the meningitis was caught in time and the baby is doing fantastic. I'm thankful for Alberta Children's Hospital and so blessed to have such a great family! xo


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Great post and great pictures!! What a sweet family your sister has. I guess I need to stop thinking of her as your little sister and start thinking of her as an amazing Mom with an adorable family. I am so happy for you and your family, for the new addition and for the good news about the baby's health.

Anonymous said...

Wow Chris! I'm so glad that you posted this. It looks like it was a nice visit despite the worrisome circumstances. It's great to see pictures of all of you together - and matching too! Who would've thought? Ha ha! We've been praying for little 'M' and were hoping your time there would be special. Would love to get together with you. I know we said that before Christmas, but it'd be nice to do it soon. Love ya!