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Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Unexpected Day

It's been foggy for the past few days here at home in the Valley, on the West Coast as well, but yesterday (Saturday) it finally burned off, or blew away, or whatever it does.

Seeing as the sun was shining and the air was crisp, I decided to go for a mini escape out to Vancouver.   

As I drove along the highway further into the city, the fog started up again in thick patches. I felt a little disappointed as I wasn't going to see the sun glistening off the ocean, but I kept driving, looking forward to getting out of the Valley.

I arrived at Dundarave in West Van. at about 2:30pm, parked and breathed in the heavy air.  I imagined I didn't know the area or what lay beyond the bank of fog that blanketed the ocean.

The sound of the fog horn was consistent and comforting. 

Mist surrounded the pier and Beach House, stuck to the trees like cotton candy... Mystical, mesmerizing, mysterious... 

I hadn't walked in this neighbourhood for about 15 years or so and hadn't seen the mini art displays imbedded in the rocks just outside the sea wall path.

Small tiled mosaics sporadically decorated the piles of rocks beside the walk.  They were the colourful bits of joy that made me smile and think of only good things.

My smile turned into a private chuckle when I neared these driftwood reptiles propped up on the beach facing me and the passers-by.  

The afternoon was refreshing for all my senses.  The sunny day I was expecting to experience turned into a whole 'nother one.  Somehow I just saw things differently...

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