The Love that Surrounds Me 1 & 2. Diptych 36" x 36" ea

Monday, January 26, 2009

Emerging from the Procrastination Tunnel

I don't know what it is. I start off energized and excited about getting a painting started. I love drawing out the image and composing it on the board.

After I do the ground work of the black base, then I block in my color choices. It's all good... in fact, it's fantastic! I'm on a roll... nothing can stop me!

Then, then there is this horrible stage that almost always emerges. It's the real decision making time. What kind of sky? Day? Night? Sunny? Cloudy? How do I want to develop the rocks (because they will reflect the nature of the sky)?

Half of the problem is that I get so enthralled with all my ideas, that I start too many paintings at one time and overwhelm myself. I know this. But I do it every time.

This time I had eight on the go at once (which is not at all unusual). After my inevitable bout of hair pulling and indecision, I had to put four away (their backs to me so I cannot see them - in fact, they are in another room). I will rediscover them after I finish the first bunch of four.

So after a few days of languishing, anaylzing, shrugging and doubting myself, I somehow emerge from this tunnel of procrastination. Although, it doesn't feel like I'm actually procrastinating because I seem to spend a lot of time thinking... thinking, then thinking some more. I'm not quite sure what good it does, but none-the-less, that's what I do "Dream a Little Dream" 18" x 36"

Now, tonight, I have finished these four and will deliver them to Lions Bay Art Gallery on Friday.

"Early One Morning" (left)
24" x 6"

"Quickening of the Nite" (right)
24"x 6"

"Conducting the Symphony of the Sea"

Now, I'm tired. But surely I will begin this process all over again after I finish the other four paintings that were banished earlier to make way for these four.


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

They are beautiful!

Andrea and Kim said...

Hello Chrissandra, I know this process all too well! It seems as though you have been through it many times before.

I just recently became friends with you on FB and joined your fan page... and I am really enjoying the exploration of your art.

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Wee-G said...

Very cool style of art!! Diggin' it a lot.



Thanks so much!