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Friday, January 30, 2009

Evening Glow

I met a friend tonight for a beer at the Watermark Restaurant.  I've never been there... it's located in one of my favorite places in the city,  on Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver.  We talked a little about this and that... business, art, photography & some light talk about past moments in life.  I had a good time.

As we stepped outside and said goodbye, I turned left down the path and walked toward my car. 

I took a glance to my right to look down the beach and I knew I had to dig (and I mean DIG) around in my purse to find my camera.  The sky was glowing around Cyprus Mountain and the beach sand had a warm reflection from the night sky and restaurant lights behind me.

As I looked around, it seemed like everything had this same warmth emanating from it.  The moon wasn't full, but I suppose my senses were.

It began as a nice evening and surely ended just the same.  

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Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Wow! Great shots! The light is so amazing.