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Friday, August 7, 2009

Is it true, "You Get What You Pay For"?

I recently flew back from 5 days in the San Francisco Bay area. If given a choice of where to sit on the plane, I opt for a window seat. As to which window, it doesn't really matter to me - just not that annoying one that's directly above the wing.

So, I did get my pick of a window seat on this flight - on the right-hand side of the plane, in economy class... (bear with me here...). The sky was clear, my camera uncased and securely placed on my lap and primed for some picture-taking action after take-off.

Following are some photos I took from California to Vancouver, and some thoughts regarding "you get what you pay for".

~~ above San Jose, California ~~

Today I had lunch with someone who was telling me how great it is to fly first class on British Airways. On long haul flights (London, England in this case), the seats in BA's first class section convert into comfy, flat beds. Passengers are supplied with (as well as various other perks), PJs, slippers, a comfy duvet, AND you wake up to a tasty breakfast... yes, they said 'tasty'. Hearing about their pleasurable experience and of the quality service they received, I'd say that with the healthy price of these seats, they got what they paid for.

Flying first class is not something that is in my budget, but when I was in my 20s, I was once bumped up (like WAY up) to first class due to an airline overbooking mistake, so when they asked me if I was ok with that, well... uh, ya... what do you think I said? I savoured every tidbit of this champagne moment and additional benefits that I would have been totally oblivious to if I was seated in '28B'.

So, using the above situation as an analogy, allow me to share my thoughts with you on the idea of "you get what you pay for":

Aside from the pilots who have the panoramic advantage (good thing), as far as I know, EVERY passenger that sits on the left side of the plane, sees only the scenery that is visible through the window on the left side of the plane (btw, all passenger windows are the same size) - therefore, I have arrived at the brilliant conclusion that the same phenomenon exists for the passengers situated on the right side of the plane, only observing the scenery through the window on the right side of the plane. (That's if you're not 'rubber-necking' over the aisle to see what's on the other side).

Assuming this is true, the view from first class is no different from that in economy class.

[oh, and I have no problem with my 'cozy' personal space in economy. I'm short. I can stretch out or curl up quite comfortably in my thrifty, compact department.]


From San Jose to all the way home, I had a great view from the sky and was captivated by the colourful squares and patches of land that cultivators till and manage, conforming to the wiggles and squiggles of the river...

~~ Puget Sound ~~

... the sun shining over Puget Sound
... the diverse scenery between cities and mountains, and being lucky enough to sit beside someone that I could have an interesting conversation with.

~~ above downtown Seattle, Washington ~~

~~ Mt. Baker, Washington ~~

I suppose that "getting what you pay for" boils down to what you're after, about being happy with what you can afford, using your imagination, taking advantage of unique situations and perhaps just simply enjoying the ride.

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Aretha said...

Cool Chris - I love the photo's and your perspective! Thanks for sharing :)