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Monday, August 10, 2009

Smokies, Wieners and Hot Doggies

My friend Crystal, and her daughter Summer, have THE cutest Mini Dachshund, "Dax"...

Crystal is a loving .

Yesterday was the Dachshund Picnic and Wiener Walk in Tsawassen and she invited me to come along... my lucky day! I am devoted to dogs and was delighted to indulge in a divine date with dozens of diverse dachshunds.

As we drove along, we were comforted to see a number of these:

... we knew we were on the right track.

Alas... we had arrived.

I was quite amused that the picnic fare was hot dogs and smokies... nothing like a good mix of wieners.

After a few moments of getting acquainted with each other with a little bit of this

and quite a bit of this:

it was time to Let the Games Begin.

Dax and Crystal skillfully won first prize in a round of "musical hoops"...

were victorious in the "Dachshund Chasing Wiener on a Stick" race...

AND, just to clench their gold medal status, they aced the "Best Trick" category.

What a team! W E L L D O N E CRYSTAL AND DAX!

What a wonderful weeny-filled day it was!

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Lorna said...

haha, you said wiener...