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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Follow up, Recap and Updates in a Photo diary...


In my very first blog *"How Long Does it Take to Paint a Painting" [June 8, 2008], I mentioned how I'm struggling with my giant (96"x48") tree painting. As promised, I've uploaded a snap shot on how it has been progressing.

I feel a certain sense of satisfaction of how it has evolved these last few weeks, but I still need to work on the water area...

[from "Whistler Art and Adventure" June 30, 2008]

I finally received the rafting photos in the mail from when my girlfriend, her son and I were in Whistler. After voraciously ripping the envelope open and looking at them, it got me all jazzed up to do it again!

Update 1:

I set my mind to making some small (6"x4") samples to send send out to galleries ["Painting Samples" July 2, 2008]. Below is a photo of the sample - I made 11 of them, all the same-ish and

enclosed them in this folder. I also included my CV, artist's statement, personal statement, business card and pricing list.

I've sent out three packages so far and have a few more in mind that I will address shortly.

Update 2:
The Art in the Park event happened this Saturday in Abbotsford. It was a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing their work. I'm back at it again on Saturday, July 26.

These two photos are the of the nice shady space I had. I have a tent, but really didn't feel like setting it up! The shade looked just fine and what a gorgeous day too!

Last Update:

A few friends and I (and their dogs, of course!) went on a hike up past Chilliwack Lake. We hiked up to Lindemann Lake:

the colours of blues and greens in the lake were spectacular!

AND... of course, more tree photos! I had fun taking this shot at an angle... looks kind of weird!

Here's the "normal shot" of the above photo...

This is the last leg of the hike up to Greendrop Lake.
All together, the hike was just over 10k. We all had a great time and have a few aches and pains, but it was all WELL worth the enjoyment and inspiration of the day!

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