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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Studio Spaces

When I lived on Vancouver Island (Nanoose Bay) a few years ago, I had a pretty cool art studio. It was large, above a two-car garage with a work shop below. The room was actually built as a suite with a bathroom and a kitchenette, so it was perfect for working and teaching. There was even room for my piano.

The house was built in a typical 70s style so the ceiling had one slanted angle to it. On this angle, I had lots of fun painting my favourite quotes directly on the ceiling as I could easily reach it without too much trouble.

As the slanted ceiling filled up with more and more of the sayings of others, I started on the side walls and other areas with thoughts and ideas that moved me.

I just TOTALLY loved this one!

The room started taking on a life that drew me into it.

Now I rent a studio space in Abbotsford and have written quotes on kraft paper that I have taped on the wall. It's not quite the same experience of the "freedom of the moment", but it's always fun to let loose with the brush and squeezing paint straight from the tube.

The words of others are inspirational, we need to take them in and apply them to our lives while carving paths of our own.
What are some of your favourite quotes? Do you save them or paste them on your bathroom mirror?

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