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Friday, June 20, 2008

2nd Stage Paintings - but first...

...but first, I have to share today's accomplishments! I think I made up for Wednesday's delinquency!

I must thank previous days of focused painting, because of course, these three paintings weren't just "whipped up" today.

This red door piece is the commissioned painting that I've been talking about and have been working on for some time. It's called "Un Mercato a Riomaggiore" (the Cinque Terre, Italy) 28"x42". It is similar to one I have painted before, but the client's interior designer, Kathy Renwick from KC Interior Design in Chilliwack, suggested a larger and longer size for her home. It was fun for me to add new scenery to make the work longer.

This tree painting (Oooo how I love them trees!) is titled "Strong, Silent Type" 16"x30" indicating the size and solidity of the cedar. I was recently reading about the giant cedars we have here in BC and some stumps have been measured at 20 feet in diameter! Further north from Vancouver in a small town, a stump has been a post office and people have even lived in them... pretty cool!

The long, thin style of "Reach for the Top" 36"x12" (left) speaks of the height that these cedars can grow to. Not as tall as the Douglas Firs in our forests, but they can still claim amazing heights.

Now, about a couple of paintings in their second stage. I guess you could technically say it's the 4th stage as: 1) I build the framed wood panel; 2) I draw the composition on the board; 3) Outline the drawing, sometimes changing where my pencil lines were with my black mixture; 4) fill in the lines with more black mixture.

I have lightened this photo a little to make it easier to see. Yes... I paint on black... it makes the colour pop out more. If you have read my past blog, it's the image I used from a photo I took sitting under the trees.

A good tip, is not to start you painting on just a plain white background. My preference is black, and because of my style, it's always black. (Unless of course, I'm experimenting trying new techniques). Try a background of red, brown or blue. Try blocking in multiple colours. Try new things!

Starting your work on white doesn't seem to give your painting as much depth and there also seems to be a bit of a mental block when starting on something that's such a pristine, untouched canvas or board.

This is the cedar stump (or tree base):

I'll keep you posted on how the addition of colour comes along!


Robert Genn paint on his You Tube videos - he is full of ideas and fantastic painting tips in his newsletter - it's a MUST to subscribe to!

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Unknown said...

Chrissandra! These new pieces are absolutely wonderful! ive always loved your style and sense of perspective, and that second to last piece you posted adds a whole new level of perspective even. its nice to see your technique used to show nature- very vibrant and adds dimensions that anyone could appreciate. youre wonderful come back to seattle and see us again! next art show is the 9th of july- email gunnar some of your stuff and get in there! miss you lady. -emily