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Monday, June 30, 2008

Whistler Art and Adventure [my mini review]

I just came back from Whistler with my girlfriend and her 19 year old son (in foto). We all had a great time walking, river rafting and browsing the shops... oh, and drinking a nice, cold beer on our first hot days of summer!
I'm still waiting for the river rafting fotos to come - we had to order them so should be about a week or so... there are some great action shots!
One of my missions was to visit the galleries there... so I did.
The Adele Campbell Gallery had a few similar artists that show with me in Jenkins Showler Gallery in White Rock so I am hoping we'd make a good business "fit" as well... gotta follow up on this one.
I fell in love with the sculpture of Cathryn Jenkins at Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont Hotel. The veins she follows in the stone, the positions of her bear subjects, the size and weight, the feel of the sculpture - enrapturing! She also shows at the Whistler Village Art Gallery.
As you may know, I am a texture fiend so I was immediately drawn to the multi-media work of Rolinda Stotts. The fotos on Whistler Village Art Gallery's website doesn't do the real painting justice... you've gotta see them for yourself.
If you like jewelry, the Farmer's Market in the Upper Village had some awesome and original pieces... I love handmade jewelry so it was hard to peel myself away from there. I resisted purchasing though, much to my own surprise!
Kal Gajoum had a show at the Plaza Galleries in the Village on Main Street "Vancouver Through Kal's Eyes". When I walked into the Gallery, I was overwhelmed with the fresh smell of oil paint. I LOVED it, especially because I work in acrylic and there's not the same luscious, toxic odor! I couldn't make it to the opening, but I have met Kal once - great guy.
It was a short stay in Whistler but we had a great time and I'm sure I'll be back there again this summer. The 3 hour drive from Abbotsford is well worth the ocean and mountain views along the way.

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