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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to Avoid Making Art

"How to Avoid making Art (or Anything Else You Enjoy)" by Julia Cameron, Illustrated by Elizabeth Cameron

Today I woke up early and went to my business networking group "VBN" (bad coffee), so I went home, made a yummy cup of coffee and headed out to Surrey to pick up my Jiu Jitzu uniform (gi). I figure I can't go there anymore in a pink t-shirt and brown pants.

When I got back to Abbotsford, I walked over to my studio. I started to finish a project that I simply MUST complete (it's nice to get paid). A few paint brush strokes were made but then I started fidgeting and my mind began wondering. There's just not that much left to do, but boy can I find excuses to do other things.

In my first successful attempt today to avoid making art, I flipped through Julia Cameron's book and this comic seemed to fit the bill pretty good:

Then the studio started getting kind of warm and uncomfortable. I guess I could open the windows... yes, yes... that could take up some time. Besides, the morning light has already moved and changed:

Ok. Windows opened, fresh air... A few more brush strokes on said painting, but boy what a mess in here! It is amazing what I can collect and keep 'just in case'.

Now I'm at home writing my blog.
Later I'm having coffee with my new [AWESOME] artist friend, April Solomon . I guess we'll do some more talking about art tonight.

And that's just what kind of day it's been.


Ms.Barbara Jane said...

Haha, that reminds me of that animated short called "getting started" with the guy avoiding piano practice.


I remember that one! :)