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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Walk in the Park

The last few days I've been hunkered in my studio studying some photos that I took a few days ago when we had a tiny window in sunshine. I've started a few more paintings and here is the source for my inspiration:
...taking a walk in the park to ignite my creative spirit... I'm in a total "Tree Mode" of painting. I found a new (new to me) park in Abbotsford (Fishtrap Park, I believe??) that has some great quiet spots to sit and think and a path that isn't full of people.

I just LOVE the different textures of tree bark!
how cute!

I love the panorama aspect of cameras: this one had some great height!

Tree roots... Love 'em!

Different angles...
I'm doing a few different kinds of paintings now that will feature some "down below" views.I'll show you when I'm finished...

On my walk, I found this little guy. Poor thing, he's alive but looks a little battered up.

I wonder what happened to him!

Alot of my paintings have been based on this type of setting. This was taken at Mill Lake in Abbotsford. There's usually a few more people in this park... lots of dogs being walked and also lots of baby geese and goslings! Also refreshing for the spirit. Just watch out for all the geese poop!

I can't wait for some better weather soon... that means getting out of the studio and back into the woods!

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