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Friday, June 13, 2008

First Stage Paintings

Well, I went walking in the park again yesterday. (Lucky me, my judo club is in the same parking lot!) I had to take a photo of this stump because I just loved all the foliage around it.

I've started 5 new paintings (2 shown here). This is what the first step looks like in my work. ACTUALLY, the VERY first step is when I make the panels in my workshop... I'll have to get some fotos of that too!

This is the above stump in my vision: It could actually be the base of a tree and not an eroded stump. Maybe next time it will look more like the above picture. Nature can always be one's own interpretation.

After my initial sketch on the board, you can see that I change my mind in some areas. When the darker black goes on, sometimes it's easier to see what I've drawn and the composition changes slightly.

This painting basic comes from a foto when I was in the park lying under the trees (a few days ago -usually best when the ground is dry or you have something underneath your bum!) Again, you can see the pencil marks, which will eventually be covered up. [You'll see, you'll see.] It's probably difficult to make out exactly what I have in mind here, but I'll show you the finished product and [hopefully] all will become clear.

Now I must be off to my studio to get working on these and the other few I have started. No, I have not forgotten about my giant tree painting [as mentioned in my first blog], but just putting it on the backburner for a while to let it stew on low heat.

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